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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 25, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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like it, mary. >> thanks. thank you for watching this >> what he says next was so surprising. >> yeah, well, yeah. it turns out he was the only morning. black guy on the plane. the next local and so i thought i was going to have a conversation with him about how not all black people look alike. >> because he was worried that . welcome back to cbs "this the black guy -- good morning to our viewers in the west. >> exactly. >> was going to rob the plane. it is monday, march 25th, 2019. morning." >> he was worried that the black there are three things you should know this morning. guy was going to rob the plane. welcome to "cbs this morning." and so i just -- i looked at him with refollowing a story, the and i said well, why would you president claimed son u.s. says ten civilians were think that? and he said to me i don't know exoneration after the robert killed in afghanistan and three why i was thinking that. mueller investigation find those evidence of collusion with i don't know why i said that. russia but mueller leaves te others were hurt, three other >> you realize you have work to do. >> oh, definitely. adults were dead. this was a battle between the >> in your own house, yeah. matter of obstruction unresolved u.s. government forces and the >> definitely. >> jennifer, give people some other examples of how implicit saying it doesn't exonerate the president. taliban. they ban the talks aimed at >> democrats are demanding to ending the more than 17-year bias creeps into their lives, as see the report and we'll get you say even if people think i'm war. >> that is the longest in reaction from jay sekulow. pran history. not racist. democratic candidate amy >> it can creep into our biases in our own neighborhoods, how we klobuchar and john podesta. th netanyahu at the white view people who are seen as plus americans and other house today. th visit ces just time to outsiders in that neighborhood. passengers on a cruise ship just based on their race. stranded by brutal weather say it was the worst trip of their recognize israel's sovereign thso isus, lives. we'll show you the dramatic diover the golan heights ouracs can ple. rescues as helicopters pulled israel will hold elections in
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two weeks. people off the ship pummelled by the prime minister is cutting creep in in how we evaluate short his u.s. trip after a others and how we give giant waves. rocket attack on central israel promotions and how we hire. and apple is expected to reveal a new streaming service this morning. bias can creep in in the featuring original content. israel says the rocket was fired educational context with teachers and evaluating students can they catch up to rival from a hamas position in gaza. and deciding on who needs to be at least seven people were hurt. disciplined and how severely. netflix and amazon. >> you gave an example of race netanyahu says israel will >> but we look at today's "eye playing a role in muggings among respond forcefully. a dozen coaches, test opener." asian women in particular, and you're world in 90 seconds. projectors indicted in the when they were trying to nation wide college admin identify who the muggers were, >> there was no collusion with russia. scandal are expected to appear the most ridiculous thing i've they couldn't decipher between ever heard. in boston today. multiple african-american men. there was no collusion with the first major wave of >> that's right. russia. >> the president declares defendants are charged with >> so this was actually used in complete and total exoneration. racketeering conspiracy, they their favor. >> yeah. >> special counsel mueller was i mean, it was. allegedly send bribes and i mean, it's almost as though clear his report, quote, does the muggers actually had access falsified athletic profiles to not exonerate, closed quote, the to the science, right. and so when the police officers president. we'll ask the attorney general would catch them and ask, well, to testify before the house why did you go there, why didn't ensure students were enrolled in judiciary committee. you go to china town, and why >> a second student from majory did you choose these women to school. rob, they said that they go they face years in prison. there because the asian people a nightmare off the coast of stoneman douglas took her life. can't tell the brothers apart. >> it is on the back burner how norway, the viking sky was carrying just over 1,300 right. that, you know, they wouldn't be this will affect survivor passengers and crew when it september a distress signal recognized. >> could a cruise liner return they couldn't be picked out. >> you say that's true in all saturday. the vessel had lost power and to port. they had to pluck 500 passengers started drifting toward land groups, that whites recognize
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while rocking violently. one by one. the heavily listing ship became whites, asians recognize aigs, >> this is a unexpected depending on the group you're stranded in aio rough from, that's what you recognize. adventure. >> and a fiery pile-up on a retch of water in the we don't all look alike to each other. >> we don't. and babies as young as three california highway. >> oh, my god! norwegian sea. months of age already are >> new england patriots owner showing the preference for faces robert kraft is apologizing a month after he was charged with of their own race. rocks s so this starts early. soliciting prostitution. roxana is carrying the story. i mean, it has to do with who >> all of that, new england we're surrounded by. good morning. >> reporter: the ship reported and our brains get conditioned the engines had failed less than patriots tight end rob gronkowski is retiring. the 29-year-old has won three a mile from norway's rugged to looking at those faces and super bowls. >> look at this cool video from being able to distinguish among them. >> jennifer, how do you unwire mexico. a tourist took a stroll through coa coast. a dust devil. inside the viking sky on the brain? what you're describing sounds so saturday, passengers dodged >> all that matters -- passenger crossing across the hard wired from the infant stage. >> the wires comes from >> the sweet 16 set. floor, panels falling, outside, experience. that's the whole thing. if you have a social experience heavy winds and waves whipped where we're living with each >> crazy upset finishing other and we're not living in the luxury cruise ship, which lost power for reasons still segregated spaces, say, and overtime. >> and the plays -- you're exposed to faces of other unclear. >> on ""cbs this morning"". as the ship seasaudi, icy waters races, all the time, then your brain gets tuned up to that. >> how about that courage. gushed across the floor, so it's flexible, even though, >> one match-up was the epitome you know, it's something that terrified passengers. >> i thought this was it at that is, you know, that's wired in of everything we love about time. but it's a flexible wiring. i mean, the water is going to march madness. >> how do you bring this >> taylor driving in and banks science, as you have, to police rush in and this is it. as we continuesee this wave it up and no -- put back -- in
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>> reporter: at risk of crashing and out. and duke survives just barely. onto the nearby rocky coast of of white police officers norway, the ship dropped anchor shooting, many times, unarmed and started to evacuate. >> you can't get any closer than black men? >> right. for the next several hours, that. >> this morning's "eye opener" so i've worked with a number of is presented by toyota. different police departments. let's go -- go places. norwegian rescue helicopters i haven't worked with them airlifted more than half of the around use of force. but what i've done is gone in as roughly 900 passengers to a subject matter expert to safety. >> i'm 71. analyze data on stops and he's 74. can i just say what a good searches. well, they took us up together game that was before you say and so that's where my focus has anything, bianna. and we got hooked in and lifted been. in oakland california, i'm i couldn't believe it. because they had two chances to working with a department there on their reform efforts. beat duke. up, that was quite a jolt. my son went to duke so i'm >> reporter: as the seas calmed and trying to figure out a way yesterday and the ship restarted, three of its four to decrease the number of stops biased. but that was a good game. >> i was going to chent, gayle enginesing tugboats towed the of african-americans in came in wearing blue. >> from head to toe. viking sky back to shore. particular who are -- or who, the red cross says several >> you were representing. you know, ultimately are not >> i was ready. passengers suffered cuts and committing the crime. broken bones. we've been figuring out together many are also traumatized. how to do that. >> and norah o'donnell is off. she had an appendectomy. >> you point out that 99% of the police stops do not result in >> she is recovering. the ship was supposed to arrive >> but she's doing well and a deadly force. >> right. fighter. here in england tomorrow. >> which i thought was a very there is a picture of her. she has great staff and team the chairman of viking cruises important point to make. there. >> right. that's true, i mean, most of us >> she was on vacation. told local media, the >> yes. passengers, many from the u.s., come into contact with the >> this is what i think -- it is england and canada will be two inense pain ht it was gas f police doing routine traffic compensated and invited back. stops. and so a lot of my research >> i'm not sure how many will be focuses on that.
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coming back west virginia a >> she said one in three people frightening weekend for them. have been stopped by police and then it turns out it is while driving., y mean actually something very serious and had go to the hospital for an rocks s roxana, thank you. now to deadly news, another hour-drive in pain and she's >> great to have you, jennifer. a-okay and her nurses are henry >> you had to think about it. survivor of the florida shooting >> yes, i'm -- and grace and reilly and taking >> we should say that bias is on care of her and we hope she has died. the victim was a male sophomore sale tomorrow. follows nurse's orders. at marjory stoneman high school a college gymnast who >> her kids -- in parkland, florida. captivated the nation with her >> yeah. >> i just assume everybody knows perfect, and i mean perfect, if it is the second suicide in john. about a week. on march 17th, sydney aiello, a there was a better word for >> he is tough and we're thinking of you, norah, get some perfect, find it, floor routine, she's done it, ucla's caitlkate rest. and we're happy to have you back. >> yes. i kept all of my -- recent graduating took her own >> organs in place. life. >> feel good. >> that is right. good morning, manuel. >> just in time for a lot of >> reporter: good morning. this memorial behind me was ohashi, a perfect ten with a new news. >> yes. >> and the white house this created in honor of the 17 version of her routine that went morning is preparing for a fight students and staff members viral in january. with congressional democrats killed in the shooting last college senior's sixth perfect over robert mueller's final report on russian interference february. with survivors still living with score in floor exercise this from the 2016 election. the trauma of that day, parents year. she's got tall ept, this and officials here in broward performance including new it is front page news across the county say it is time to choreography and featured music country. a summary released by attorney redouble their efforts to general william barr said prevent more lives from being exclusively from female artists mueller found no collusion between president trump and his lost. >> your kids are at risk. including tina turner and campaign and russia. democrats want to know why our town is at risk. beyonce. mueller did not say whether he it helpedhe ucla squad >> reporter: community leaders believes the president and residents met sunday to to its second championship in a obstructed justice. confront the newest tragedy row. we'll hear from her right here
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barr's letter said there is not rippling across parkland, enough evidence to prove that. >> the russia investigation florida. >> you must communicate with on cbs this morning. listened to the numbers, lasted your children. she talked to cbs about her children, you got to talk to your friends. 22 months producing more than >> reporter: a marjory stoneman electrifying season and the obstacles she's had to overcome. 2800 subpoenas and about 500 douglas high school student who a lot of fans. >> every sometime she hits the witness interviews and cost more survived last year died saturday than $25 million and led to in an apparent suicide. floor in that split i feel like criminal charges for a number of so far, police say they have i need to call a doctor. people connected to mr. trump. found no link to sydney aiello, what's so fun is she seems to plus 25 russians and three who took her own life last have so much fun when she's different russian companies. doing it. i love watching her. weekend. >> looking at sydney, a lot of a bankruptcy is forcing major garrett is at the white house where lawyers are still us see ourselves. waiting to see the report. >> reporter: her classmate traditional department store but the president believes that chains to try any marketing he was completely cleared and he believes almost all douglas strategies. how one woman is using her is saying so, major, i hear they students remain socially and od. influence on instagram to help bric are celebrating at the white house today. >> i think i might be shot, what good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in newsroom ore -- in numerous happened to my friends might happen to mer. >>virs guilt corporations, trump was sieging the investigation was launched in the first place. post-traumatic stress disord,ve. they regard the special counsel probe as a nasty political power her close friend was kill in the play. advisers are urging the president to turn the page and shooting. meadow pollack. look for ways to work with her father andrew pollack. congress even as congressional >> i want the children to know democrats make clear based on what they've seen so far, they they should never think they're are neither satisfied, nor
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alone. >> we tried to if at the time warning out last year. convinced. >> it is time for america to >> reporter: ryan petty's move forward. daughter was skilled at i don't care what side of the aisle you are, republican -- parklanld. he was worried survivors would take their own lives like those >> reporter: republican lawmakers declared case closed at columbine high school did. on the russia probe and the 13 people were murdered in that president. 1999 shooting in colorado. house minority leader kevin >> almost as many people died mccarthy accused democrats of after columbine as died during acting irresponsibly. >> history will not support the the event and that was suicide. idea of what they just put america through going for the >> reporter: your biggest fear last 22 months. >> reporter: north carolina mark materialized when these two meadows tweeted, the clock has students took their own lives? finally struck midnight on the >> yeah, when we lost 17 beautiful souls on february russia collusion fantasy. 14th. unburd earned the russia now it's not only 17, it's 19. investigation for the first time, the president returned -- the way to prevent football 20 is for parents to ask the to the white house late sunday questions, have you thought about killing yourself? upbeat. >> america is the greatest place if they answer question yes to on earth. >> reporter: the special counsel concluded the investigation did not establish that members of those questions, they're at risk the trump campaign conspired or and you need to get help. coordinated with the russian >> this year, a massive government in the election demonstration against gun violence coordinated by some of activities. the parkland survivors. willar barr repeated some variation of that phrase time officials here say if anyone fives. the trump team piled on. right now needs help, they
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>> he didn't engage in should dial 211 to be connected collusion. with a counselor. i think now that is proven >> thank you. beyond any doubt. >> reporter: mueller previously charged 25 russian nationals with attempting to influence the we say casually oso often about the survivors, they're the lucky election. ones. barr's summary emphasized there we don't take into account. was no sign the trump campaign the guilt they go through. it is so important they reach conspired in those efforts, out and talk about it with parents, friends. quote, despite multiple offers >> i didn't realize after from russian-affiliated columbine there had been a suicide rate. officials. as difficult as it is, the this knocked down the launch of experts say you got to look your the probe. >> to be honest, it is ashame child in the eye and ask them that the president had to go outright, are you having through this for -- before i suicidal thoughts? that's a hard question to ask even got elected it began. when you are worried. >> reporter: mueller also investigated whether the >> the drama sits by. president obstructed justice >> it's hard to deal alone with during the investigation and reached a murky conclusions. these feelings. >> there was no obstruction and >> we should note the national none whatsoever and it was a suicide prevention hot line is available for anyone feeding help. complete and total exoneration. it's 1-800-273-8255. >> reporter: in fact, the special counsel said, while this report does not conclude that >> coming up, a controversial the president committed a cr an measure facing national scrutiny heads to new jersey state
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legislature later today. the governor tells us how he is fighting to overcome opposition deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to decide the to his plan to legalize obstruction question. the two white house appointees recreational marijuana. decided the evidence is not and if are you on the go, sufficient to establish that the you can subscribe to our "cbs president obstructed justice. this morning" podcast. you get the days stories in less >> the president has not been than 20 minutes. exonerated by the special you are watching "cbs this morning". counsel. we'll ask the attorney general man: you can do this! to testify before the house grab those command picture hanging strips judiciary committee. and let's make it work. >> reporter: democrats like judiciary committee chairman they're tool free and they hold strong. jerry nadler seized on those oh, rustic chic! uncertainties. >> we're going to move forward an arrow angled to point at rustic chic. with our investigations. hmm, may i be honest here? >> reporter: the president's legal team has had many let's take that down, damage free, different players but one with a stretch, remove... persistent strategy, cooperate with the special counsel office. and look: no marks, no mess. the president chafed but stuck like a pro. with it. in the end the white house provided 20,000 documents and command. do. no harm. access to more than 30 white house officials. when the summary came out how about letting your hair down a little? yesterday, the president's legal how about a car for people who don't play golf? team concluded it and the hey mercedes! president had been vindicated. mix it up a little. how about something for a guy >> and worth noting the who doesn't want a corner office? president never had to sit down hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. with the special counsel either. they view that as a victory as do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? well. major, thank you.
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well a battle already [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature underway oto to handle robert m [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. findings. we hear you. the attorney general tells we made a car that does, too. congress his intent is to release as much of the special the all-new a-class. counsel report as the law all-new thinking starting at $32,500. allows. that may be not enough for the president's critics. paula reid is at the some major retailers are ula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the attorney general said he is turning towards social media influencers after a tough few mindful of the enormous public years for traditional chains. interest in this case and sources tell cbs news that over the next few days barr will be big-name brands like brookstone, sears, payless, david's bridle, here with his deputy rod and gymboree -- bridal, and rosenstein, members of the gymboree are seeking bankruptcy office of legal counsel and protection. some analysts are calling it a aides pouring over this report i'm an ice cruncher. trying to decide what else they so i was excited about all-new colgate total. retail apocalypse. can make public. but they are working wn some it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i love. "cbs this morning saturday" restrictions. co-host michelle miller looks at they cannot release season grand how nordstrom and other aren't we lucky. traditional names are jury materials an the justice new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. modernizing their marketing department does not release strategies. good morning. information about people who >> reporter: good morning. they are, indeed. have not been charged. woman: this is your wake-up call. but democratic leaders nancy retailers like nordstrom's if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, needing to find new ways to pelosi and chuck schumer are connect with shoppers. demanding that the attorney month after month, the clock is ticking general release the full report. holiday traffic was slow in on irreversible joint damage. 2018, but the company posted they want to see any evidence ongoing pain and stiffness that the president may have better-than-expected earnings obstructed justice. are signs of joint erosion. last quarter thanks to part to but ultimately, this is a win
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for the president. humira can help stop the clock. this four-page letter is as good influencer arielle charnas. they're hoping to turn the prescribed for 15 years, as a not guilty verdict for the humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation 31-year-old's likes into sales. president and his family. but six of the president's that contributes to joint pain >> we did these turtleneck body associates have been charged in and irreversible damage. suits and add ruching on the this case. five of them have been convicted vo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. side -- >> reporter: if you're wondering and in addition to who arielle charnas serious and sometimes fatal infections investigations launched by house including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, the most, look no further than democrats, federal prosecutors in new york are investigating the president's business as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, her 1.2 million instagram followers. >> i get a lot of it from the dealings, his inauguration committee, and questions about serious allergic reactions, girls who follow me. and new or worsening heart failure. i mean, i don't think i'd be possible campaign finance able to come up with this without them. >> reporter: it's a brand she violations. and this comes in addition to tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, launched a decade ago when she investigations in new york and started posting some of her and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, washington looking into possible daily looks on her blog are prone to infections, tax fraud and questions about or have flu-like symptoms or sores. "something navy." >> i've pretty much been putting whether or not the president may together looks, documenting have received foreign money don't start humira if you have an infection. them, sharing the best places to illegally through his hotel. woman: help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. shop, where to get affordable pieces. talk to your rheumatologist. >> reporter: her trendsetting right here. right now. recommendations on her blog and throughout the special counsel investigation has wrapped up, humira. the -- the president's legal right here. right now. now her instagram have generated when you make a pb&j with smucker's and jif, a young and enthusiastic fan problems are far from over. that's the difference between ordinary everyday base. now followers hoping to copy her amy klobuchar is running for and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. style have a new way to connect. >> it's like a camisole with a the president and in washington for an interview you'll see only short. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> reporter: this is something on "cbs this morning." navy, a clothing and accessories senator, good morning. great to have you on.
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>> thanks, bianna. line designed by charnas >> so robert mueller couldn't prove collusion and wouldn't decide on obstruction. she's doing it again. exclusively for nordstrom. does this take impeachment off (vo) no cover up spray here... how do you go from being a cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, the table? curator to a designer? burying them in a flowery fog. >> so what was great for me and >> that is something for the what's great for influencers in house of representatives to switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. determine. but they cannot make that general is that we get that feedback from our followers that decision, bianna, until we have freshen up, don't cover up. febreze. brands don't. i can see what they gravitate the entire report. toward when i post. 420 members of the house voted so you know, if it's a bright that that report should be pink sweater instead of a beige sweater, i know i need to make public. and that hasn't happened. this is simply a four-page more bright pink sweaters. i know the girl that follows me. letter from the president's i know she loves fashion but she attorney general that summarizes wants to also look pretty and sexy. what happened. >> reporter: charnas bears it and leavesov a lot of questions all on instagram, posting not like saying i'm just look at only her fashion but seemingly this letter now that the report intimate moments with her sets out evidence on both sides family. you're putting all of yourself of the question. also that, quote, it does not kinds of out there. >> yes. that's what has created my exonerate him, meaning the president. so to me, if i'm in the house and looking at that question, i following is because nothing's want to see the whole report and edited. everything's real and authentic. certainly the public wants to i draw the line when it gloss see the report. nearly 90% of the public has certain things with my kids. said they want to see the but my job is to share my report. >> but, senator, isn't this a journey and life. >> reporter: that journey now delicate dance for democrats going forward. includes five collections with
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you are running for office and you've been out there on the nordstrom since the partnership stump for about a month now, how began last year. often do voters ask you about from swimwear to basics to shoes the russia investigation as and jewelry, each collection opposed to other issues? >> that is a great question. tailored to her followers' and people have so many local issues they care about. tastes. and for nordstrom, something the flooding that is going on navy has given them something to right now in the midwest, in new talk about. ♪ hampshire they're worried the first two launches were the they'll take a naval yard away ♪ new jersey lawmakers are due biggest in the company's because it is on the list of to vote later on a bill to things that will help pay for history. >> they literally sold out in 24 legalize recreational marijuana. the wall. but in all of that, there is some people call it mary jane. hours one time. the measure needs to pass both another time, they crashed the always a question about chambers -- so i've been told -- democracy. website within one hour. about the balance of power needs to pass both chambers of they made a million dollars in the state house. because americans understand how if it does, new jersey would one day. important the constitution is to join ten other states and the she is bringing in followers of guard our individual freedoms. hers. she's bringing in shoppers, and and so, yes, they do ask but i district of columbia that already legalized pot. she's bringing in dollars. vermont is the only one that think the point here is that changed its laws through the >> reporter: "usa today" national business correspondent state legislature. they want to see what happened the others legalized pots charisse jones says nordstrom is and the most important reason they ask it is because they want through ballot initiatives. cashing in on charnas' relate to have an election free of an meg oliver's at the harmony ability. medical marijuana dispensary in >> they found her both invasion by a foreign power and secaucus with the controversial that shouldn't be forgotten proposal. good morning to you. here. successful and relational. what this four-page letter does among many things makes clear >> reporter: gayle, good morning from under some loud fans and influencers are new that that happened. it happened in two ways. yellow lights that simulate the sun. hacking into our election system workers here are preparing for a
7:13 am
and putting out misinformation. sudden increase in demand, but authoritiesmeauthorities. and i certainly want to see all like nordstrom it's important to survive themselves to a new it's still unclear whether there of that information in the audience and survives stggng. underlying mueller report are enough votes to pass the because it dictates what we measure today. the state's governor frames this should do going forward. as a social justice issue. i think we should have back-up stime this month the something navy paper ballots in every state in this country. collection includes children's [ cheers ] since colorado and washington clothing and accessories. there could well be another became the first to legalize invasion and hacking into our how cute is that? weed in 2012, a growing number equipment, americans don't want of states have followed. charnas' daughters are her muses to see that. >> senator, quickly, you are a and models. now new jersey's governor wants former prosecutor and you in. >> we're digging out of decades oversee the attorney general as a member of the judiciary is it safe to say you're the of injustices here. committee. what do you make of the attorney i believe folks deserve a second retail industry's safe bet, or general's ruling that you can't chance. >> reporter: phil murphy calls have obstruction if there is not would you say are you saving the drug situation in his state an underlying crime of unacceptable. retail for the long run? marijuana arrests have risen faster in new jersey than >> i think we're saving it. collusion. >> john, i don't see it that anywhere else. way, but again without seek the and a report by the american i think influencers are the best way to keep retail alive. facts and the entire report, it civil liberties union shows is very hard to assess any of black new jerseyians are three times more likely to be arrested >> it doesn't hurt that the this and barr, during the for marijuana possession than something navy collection also whites, despite similar usage has an accessible price tag. nomination -- during his hearing rates. and speaking of affordability, >> we're not inventing and as attorney general wants to walmart has also jumped on the make everything public and we're marijuana. it exists. >> reporter: he's pushing a bill influencer bandwagon. going to call him on that so we it's teamed up with the grade want to see the report. to legali izize pot for people >> what will it take for and over, taxing it at $42 an school youtube star behind ryan democrats to move on? ounce and speeding up toys review to create a line of >> i think our goal here in toys and t-shirts. oversight is to get the facts ex-punkment of marijuana -- and guess what, he's got 18
7:14 am
out for the american people. expungement of marijuana might have related records. million subscribers. please remember in 2018 the murphy calls it a game changer. >> he's like 6 or 7 or election was about republicans something. i remember we did a sto on not kicking people off of him. healthin shurngs for >> to correct the social i'm fascinating by her, by ar l pre-existing condition and 2020 injustices, to regulate it and is very focused on economic do it right. >> reporter: many are bracing arielle. what? the numbers are staggering. for the bill to pass. >> i went shopping before i even issues we could ensure the law >> as soon as the governor take met her, i had never heard of is followed and make sure we are office we expanded capacity. something navy. >> reporter: leaders of at least guess what -- i bought three focusing on an optimistic agenda 60 towns oppose the measure, things after -- oh, my god. for this country. >> to be continued for sure. preemptively banning marijuana >> i now want to look at within city limits. thank you very much, senator. something navy. >> thank you. i like her. jay sekulow is one of the granberry township is one of thank you, michelle. president's personal attorneys. he joins us from washington. them. jay taylor is mayor of the town on today's podcast we with of 3,500 people. good morning, jay. >> there's concern about the preet bharara, the former u.s. i want to start with the special kids in the community. >> reporter: he says legalizing counsel found no connection weed for adults could expose attorney for new york. listen to wherever you like to between the trump campaign and more children to what he get your podcasts. the russian interference considers a gateway drug. >> the idea that we legalize activities. but on the question of obstruction, he chose very marijuana today and that it's specific languageget your thoug. just going to stop with marijuana, not going to lead he said while this report does anything else, is a fallacy. not conclude that the president >> reporter: the measure faces committed a crime, it also does strong opposition in the legislate euro. not exonerate him. >> there is no question that legalizingarijuana will have a he didn't have to use that >> reporter: opponents point to language and the attorney general didn't have to reprint reports of issues in other
7:15 am
it. what do you make of that states that legalize pot. there was an increase in traffic specific language. >> and i think what it siz and if you understand the department deaths in colorado and lower of justice this makes sense, he than expected tax revenues in issued a series of facts and massachusetts. how close is it right now? >> this is very close. then looked at the law and says this is razor thin, and it's it raised difficult questions of law. you don't bring a charge on going to go as they say down to difficult law and facts unless you get approval that that the wire. >> reporter: governor murphy has theory of law would be correct. been working the phones to get so what he did, which was every possible vote. appropriate under the department if the measure passes, marijuana of justice guidelines, he went would be available for to the office of legal counsel recreational purchase within six because bob mueller is part of the department of justice unlike an independent counsel and he months. >> definitely something we're went to the dupt of justice for seeing happen more and more the office of legal counsel and throughout the country. a big debate. thank you. next, a look at the other the deposit attorney general and they reviewed the difficult question of law and facts as headlines including a big described by the special counsel de and made the conclusion that they were -- was not an obstruction of justice and no ubd lying -- underlying crime good monday morning. obstructed and not sufficient the rain is back as we are tracking a cold front pushing evidence for an obstruction across the region. claim. >> but the spesive language -- heavy rain for the north bay. and the reason this is important picking up 1 to 2 inches of is the president claimed rain. then across the rest of the bay exonern. the special counsel could have area this afternoon and for
7:16 am
done everything you suggested this evening a quarter to 1/2 inch of rain with the cold but not use that specific language and that is what seems front. daytime highs upper 50s to low puzzling. on the one hand the president to mid-60s. a wet day today. a few showers for tuesday claims he's been exonerated and the special counsel chose to use another weather system for the specific words which is that he rain. sunny and drier the end of the does not exonerate him. >> no, but he also said that -- week. feel the clarity... what was making a finding of a violation of criminal law which is a very important statement here. so what does the special counsel say? of non-drowsy claritin... they could not conclude there was a legal violation. and relief from symptoms caused by over... in other words a case they would 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. have moved forward on. so they put it up to the like those from pollen, pets and dust. department of justice because that is the reporting authority because new memories start for the special counsel of the with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. united states. >> democrats are calling for the release of the full report, jay, so that the public could weigh hey, who are you? in and draw their own oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! conclusions. is the trump administration i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. pushing for that as well. >> what the administration has what? what?? what?! said and i'm speaking as a (laughing) what?? private lawyer, they want as what?! what?! much transparency as the [crash] what?! attorney general feels like haha, it happens. under the regulations he can and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could provide. obviously the attorney general feel like getting robbed twice. said there is 6-e material and
7:17 am
so get allstate... and be better protected that is grand jury material and from mayhem... there may be national security information that cannot be like me. ♪ disclosed but i think the attorney general will disclose what he can without compromising national security and grand jury material if it is disclosed, that is a crime. >> jay sekulow, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. jonathan turley is a gprr a univerty and joins u at the table. good to see you. >> thank you. >> so you know william barr personally and i want to get your tame on him. because a couple of eyebrows are being raised that he made the decision there is no obstruction in less than two days. and he moved too quickly, maybe. i couldn't catch my breath. >> i don't think that is true. i think that quite frankly, i it was the last song of the night. don't know any prosecutor that would bring this case to a court it felt like my heart was skipping beats. of law. that's it for us. >> you predicted it two years they said i had afib. make sure to tune in to the "cbs what's afib? ago. >> i did. i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke. and the fact is that it is very evening news" with jeff glor. hard actually to obstruct i needed answers. something that is not an th wbe a primestotime my doctor and i chose xarelto® underlying crime. now president trump made a good to help keep me protected from a stroke. effort at that. special airing tonight here on
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." around the globe, "guardian" reports nearly 110,000 people in mozambique are in makeshift camps after sigh colorado idai hit the country. good morning. the death toll has surpassed i'm michelle griego. it's show time for april l. they are getting ready to debut 750. now there's fear of water-borne diseases. president trump has directed the the latest innovations. military to support relief a innovative streaming service efforts. the "dallas morning news" and subscription service will reports that american and southwest airlines are canceling roll out. it's taken place at the steve hundreds of daily flights due to jobs theater in cupertino later the grounding of boeing 737 max this morning. three people were arrested after a high speed pursuit from planes. cbs news confirms that boeing has been work with the faa -- emeryville to vallejo. working with the faa toward the chase began about 11:00 approval of a software update to when the driver was speeding. a spike strip brought the chase prevent accidents like the deadly crashes in ethiopia and to an end. off the coast of indonesia. an update to deadly airlines say they are keeping shooting in san francisco. customers informed about those police say the person who died canceled flights. saturday night was a 25-year- reports avocados old man. so farther not releasing his are being recalled in six we have much more newhe statutes over possible we have much more news name. the gunfire erupted on filmore ahead. near eddie street. the dramatic rescue operation ontamination. five other people were wounded.
7:21 am
airlifting hundreds of people news updates throughout the including many americans to day on your favorite platforms p safety from a listing cruise recall, go to ship. and a vote could make new jersey the latest state to the "washington post" legalize recreational marijuana reports that new england and we hear from the governor as patriots owner robert kraft was in attendance when the nfl began he scrambles to get enough votes its annual meetings yesterday in phoenix. kraft has pleaded not guilty to to pass the measure. >> and apple prepares to roll prostitution-related charges in florida and has a court date on out an ambitious video-streaming service. you're watching "cbs this thursday. morning." kraft faces possible disciplinary action by the nfl. want to take your next vacation to new heights? in his first statement over the tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours, weekend, kraft said he is truly sorry and regrets having caused pain and disappointment for attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! those around him. and the miss o'donnell like new york! from bus tours, to breathtaking adventures, tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too.
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. good morning. i'm kenny choi. air quality is returning to normal in benicia after an emission problem at the refinery. it came from a smokestack. yesterday it put out smoke with particles. an east bay principal alleged i shot by his wife has died. the 45-year-old was head of the pittsburg unified adult education program. in berkeley trash is building up on both sides of a ramp from i-80 to university avenue. the area is over seen by caltrans. berkeley's mayor says the agency agreed to clean up the trash every two weeks but it is not happening. we will have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our web site,
7:27 am
we will have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our web site,
7:28 am
welcome back. time to get you rolling on the freeways and good news to report if you are commuting out of the south bay. head's up the earlier traffic alert northbound 17 before hamilton or right after i should say has been canceled. all lanes are open. good morning. let's head to this traffic the damage is done. you have brake lights coming away from 85 on the northbound alert in the south bay. fur are making out to san jose, you will see a lot of brake side. plan for that and stick with lighted northbound 17, hamilton service streets. working through downtown san approaching 280. at one point all lanes were jose, we have a new crash blocked. now there is one lane blocked. you're getting by a little easier through there but the northbound 101 at matilda. drive times in the read here. damage is done. you have a big back up behind highway 1, 15 minutes from it. use surface streets as an alternate. we are tracking the rain as highway one to 280. heavy rains for the snort a cold front is pushing across bay. we are watching it just come the region. on hi-def doppler, you can see down on hi-def doppler. the heavy rain from ukiah, heavy rain from ukiah down to cloverdale as well as down cloverdale as well as over guerneville. a few showers popping up from through gurnville, santa rosa bay view, richmond and showers and san rafael and mill valley. through the afternoon, that run will continue for the rest of the bay area. continue through the afternoon and evening. the rest of the bay area picking up a quarter inch to half inch.
7:29 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, march 25th, 2019, the week begins. welcome back to "cbs this morning." former hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta reacts to the special counsel finding that president trump's campaign did not collude with russia, plus apple's ready to put its own streaming service online. why it suddenly is focusing on contempt instead of hardware bringing out big guns. first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> the white house this morning is preparing for a fight with congress a.m. democrats over special counsel robert mueller's final report. >> president trump was elated with the conclusion but still seething that this investigation was launched in the first place. >> the attorney general will be here with a deputy and a few
7:31 am
aides poring over the report to try to decide what else they can release. >> the president was exonerated and the special counsel chose to use special words which is that he does not exonerate him. >> bob mueller wanted the department of justice to make the decision. the deputy attorney general and attorney general made the conclusion. >> eyebrows are being raise that had he made this decision, that there's no obstruction in less than two days. >> much of what the president did was highly inappropriate, inarguably acts of obstruction, but did he fall short that have line? yeah, i think he fell short by some distance. >> hornets down by two. bacon on the bounce to it's poked away. a heave. it's good! he got it! he did it. it's good. he banks it and the hornets win it. unbelievable! >> what just happened? >> good golly, miss molly. he did it!
7:32 am
>> i think sometimes people get so excited they forgot they are on tv. >> i like in a. >> i like it, too. >> i feel like i'm on tv when i'm not on tv. >> i love it, too. >> but in any event, i'm john dickerson with bianna golodryga and gayle king. norah is recuperating but she's doing gr >>oing okay. >> robert mueller has delivered his report, but the political fight over it is just beginning. republicans are celebrating the special counsel's reported finding that there was no collusion between anyone in the trump campaign and russia. mueller did not decide whether the president obstructed justice after providing evidence on both sides of the issue. the justice department says there is not enough evidence to charge anyone. >> attorney general william barr summarized the special counsel's findings in a letter to congress promising to pubically release as much of the report as possible. president trump was briefed on the report and calls it a total exoneration. >> it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest it's a shame that
7:33 am
your president has had to go through this for -- before i even got elected. >> ed o'keefe is on capitol hill with how the president's friends and his foes are responding this morning. good to see you, ed. >> reporter: good to see you, bianna. good morning. congress doesn't get back until later today after a week-long recess and there's already signs that democrats can't figure out how to proceed. one aide told me last night that this report provides the best of both worlds, doesn't entirely take down the president but doesn't exonerate him either and compels democrats to campaign on issues other than the president just as they did successfully last year, but one lawmaker told me that this means absolutely nothing, the report does, until congress gets to see all of it. in that vain house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck speaker said he is not a knew at all observers and is not in a position to make objective determinations about
7:34 am
the report. they and other democrats are saying barr release the full report and clarify why they determined there's no reason to investigate whether president trump obstructed justice. republicans are declaring victory. republican lindsey graham said sunday was a great day for president trump and his team and a bad day for those who was hoping the report would take down president. house leader mccarthy said it's best for everyone to move on for the good of the nation but that's not likely to happen. >> republicans in good spirits as well. ed, there's eight house senate committees investigating russian interference and/or the president. how will this report impact any of those investigations? >> reporter: exactly how to proceed is likely to be the subject of a lot of thnext few as democrats try to figure out which investigation to emphasize more than the others. most likely it's the judiciary committee's focus on obstruction of justice that takes precedent
7:35 am
because as the attorney general said in his summary mueller couldn't make a determination for himself. congress doing it a little differently, focusing on making this a public and more political investigation and can probably look into that ad nauseum whether they determine that's a good idea or not, and there will be other investigations into the president, his business practices and other elements of the trump administration. for example, the fact that his family owns a hotel that is frequented by foreign heads of state and business executives who do business with the administration here in washington. >> all right, ed. i'm thinking about head-scratching and chin-stroking at the same time. i'm picturing that. thank you, ed o'keefe. >> reporter: i'll do one of them. >> always good to see you. 2020 presidential candidates are joining the demand to make the mueller report public. more than a dozen democrats in the race say the public deserves to read it, all of it. president trump and his allies are pointing to several democrats who claimed there was collusion with russia. >> there continues to be smoke
7:36 am
that might result in an actual fire. in other words, real collusion going on between us and the soviet union. >> it's beyond a shadow of a doubt to me that if there was not collusion there was at least the effort to collude with a foreign power. >> we know there was collusion. why there's been no indictments we don't know. >> i think there's plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. >> according to the attorney general, the mueller report says russia tried to influence the 2016 election using social media to spread false information, hacking into democrats' computers and leaking e-mails, but the report states no trump campaign members coordinated with russia despite multiple russian offers to do so. the kremlin said this morning that it has never meddled in other country's e ands readmp with the u.s. if washington makes the first move. hillary clinton's 2016 campaign chairman john podesta was one of the people interviewed by mueller's
7:37 am
investigators. podesta's private e-mails were stolen by russian-backed hackers and made public during the campaign. last year a grand jury indicted 12 russian intelligence officials on charges brought by the special counsel in connection to the hack. john podesta is founder of the center for american progress, and he's in washington for an interview you'll see first here on "cbs this morning." welcome, john. let me start with -- >> good morning, john. >> let me start with mr. mueller's report here. you said, and you've said previously that you -- you trusted him. what do you make of his report then? >> well, look, i think he's a great professional and he did a thorough investigation of this. he also found that there were 100 incidences where agents of the russian government talked to members of the trump campaign and there were 2 meetings. he concluded ultimately that there was not beyond a reasonabbt evidence of a conspiracy, and i accept that conclusion. >> what do you think --
7:38 am
>> but i think it's important for us to see the whole report, not just mr. barr's four-page summary of it as well. >> what do you think the next move should be for democrats on the hill in terms of, you know, they want to see the rest of the report but then they also, you know, can get bogged down in this for the next two years in the administration? >> well, look, i think the public has a right to know what mr. mueller found. he obviously conducted an extensive report, and so i think the push to make the entire report public is completely appropriate. there's still questions that are open, and there are investigations that are ongoing in the southern district of new york by the state attorneys general of new york and new jersey and oh, so i think that democrats would be well to push for the full release of the report, but there are other matters that they need to investigate about this administration as well. >> as john mentioned, you were interviewed by the special counsel. are you surprised at all that
7:39 am
the president wasn't interviewed directly by the special counsel? we know he submitted answered questions but he wasn't interviewed in person. >> yeah. i think that's exceptional, and i -- i think the question is why. perhaps mr. mueller will be asked that question by the -- by the judiciary committee, why he thought he could complete his report without being -- submit to questions by the special counsel, but right now all we know is that he did have heavily lawyered answers submitted for the record, but had he been subject to -- you know, i think i know why his lawyers didn't want him to be put before the special counsel because mr. trump has, you know, a well-known inability to tell the truth, but, you know, we'll see where this goes, and i think there's, you know, still for come, but most importantly i think we need to see
7:40 am
report. the four-page summary concludes the only thing that's quoted in there is to say that he -- that the special counsel did not exonerate mr. trump even though they didn't find that he committed the crime of n of justice. so, you know, let's see the whole thing and the american public can be judged, you know, can judge for themselves how mr. trump conducted himself. >> well, professor -- law professor jonathan turley was here earlier and he said it's impossible to see the whole report. some of it will be redacted because it has sensitive national information, so we can't as a public he said see the full report. is there merit to that? >> well, you know, look, i think there might be some classified information that -- that will have to be redacted. even conceivably some grand jury information that needs to be redacted, but the bulk of the report can certainly be forthcoming, and that's been the precedent in the past, and i don't see why this should be different. >> quickly, do you believe the
7:41 am
justice department acted appropriately throughout this investigation? >> well, i think mr. mueller acted appropriately throughout the investigation and mr. rosenstein had his hands full trying to protect mr. mueller from donald trump who constantly tried to interfere in the investigation and constantly disparaged the special counsel. maybe he has second thoughts about that today, but i think that, you know, the rule of law i think needs to prevail in this country, and -- and most importantly i think the public needs to be -- needs the assurance that this was thorough, but the bottom line is russia did interfere in our election. there were indictments forthcoming. they -- they did try to help donald trump get elected president. >> yeah. >> his national security adviser, his campaign chairman, his deputy campaign chairman, his personal lawyer have all pled guilty or been found guilty so to call that a total -- >> over 30 indictments. >> that's for sure. john podesta, great to have you
7:42 am
on. thank you so much. >> thanks. cbs news will bring you a primetime special focusing on the special counsel's investigation and the next steps to could. you can watch "the mueller report, a t
7:43 am
there is much more news there's much more news ahead. apple is in the rare position of being the underdog as it takes on streaming giants like netflix. how apple owes content push is
7:44 am
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a highly anticipated announcement from apple today could offer a new way to get your news and entertainment. apple is expected to unveil its own streaming service, putting it in direct competition with companies like netflix and amazon. stars like oprah winfrey, reese witherspoon, and jennifer aniston are already signed up to provide original content along with directors steven spielberg and j.j. abrams. jamie yuccas is at apple's steve with so
7:49 am
many streaming services already out there, is it too little too late? >> my god -- >> reporter: right now if you want to watch jennifer aniston acting alongside reese witherspoon you can go to netflix and cue up an episode of "friends." soon you'll reportedly be able to see the two co-starring in their own reesies -- own series via a less than friendly streaming service from apple. lead toing the announcement with an invitation that simply says "it's showtime, " apple is pitting itself against services likes amazon and hulu. tech analyst tuong nguyenk. they catch up? >> that's the million-dollar question. >> a trill-dollar question. >> i don't think they've been about being first out of the gate. >> reporter: apple launched
7:50 am
seven years after spotify, but it was pre-installed on millions of iphones. the same foothold could help the streaming service, as well. apple enters the content rate at a time with netflix is spending $15 billion this year on original programming like "stranger things," with more than 139 million global subscribers. apple's spending so far is closer to just $1 billion, it has more than $1.3 billion devices in use around the world. each of those owners is a potential customer. with apple's recent smartphone sales coming in lottery than expected, analysts say the launch into content is in line with changing consumer demands. >> people's tolerances for spending on hard ware, on boxes, i think reached a services. the content, the media, that's what time, 10:00 a.m.
7:51 am
pacific. >> i can't wait. i'm not betting against apple. >> ever. they always say we can reach a billion people worldwide because it's in our cell phone. >> a billion dollar investment. >> big day. critics pounced when dr. dre' bragged his daughter got into a college all on her own. why it sparked backlash. that's when i remembered that my ex-ex- ex-boyfriend actually went to law school, so i called him. he didn't call me back! if your ex-ex- ex-boyfriend isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect you with an attorney. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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good morning. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. emergency crews had to rescue another person from a cliff in san francisco. it happened near the cliff house restaurant yesterday afternoon. fire department records show there were more than 70 cliff rescues in the past two years. chp is investigating a pedestrian death in mountain view. it happened last night around 7:00. they say a man in his 20s tried crossing northbound highway 101. he was hit and later died at the hospital. the driver ped is cooperating with police. a deadly weekend in stockton. police are investigating five homicides since friday. on friday three were killed in a gang related shooting. on saturday a man was killed at a mcdonald's drive through and on sunday a woman was killed. news updates throughout the
7:56 am
day on your favorite platforms including our web site. kpix,.com.
7:57 am
welcome back. a look at the roadways. metro, delays for caltrain in capital corridor. train number 217 is dealing with about 19 minute dough lays. capital corridor train 522 dealing with about 30-minute delays. bart and muni on time with no troubles. taking a look at the rest of the roadway. the richmond san rafael bridge, slow at the toll plaza.
7:58 am
mid span westbound commute direction, potholes. vehicles are swerving to avoid it. this is the bay bridge. traffic has dissipated working out of oakland and san francisco. an earlier trouble spot at powell street. that may have eased congestion to the toll plaza. mary? thanks. we are tracking a cold front. it stalled over the north bay. on hi-def doppler you can see the heavy rain for the north bay down through clover dale as well as over windsor, guerneville getting the moderate to heavy rainfall. across dylan beach as well as inverness. this front eventually will push across the rest of the bay area this afternoon and this evening and as that front moves through it will we can even. daytime highs upper 50s to low to mid-0s. showers tuesday. another round of rain and wind wednesday with showers on thursday. biggest selection of the season.
7:59 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning" right now the that time, to show you the morning headlines. blockberg news reports that part of the houston ship channel, commercial waterways in the country remains closed today as officials test oily runoff following the chemical fire in deer park, last week's incidents was the worst chemical disaster in texas in 14 years. this was big. several chemical tanks were damaged or destroyed. the coast guard is now work to determine whether oil in the waterway poses a threat to vessels or crews. hollywood reports dr. dre removed a social media post boasting his doctor was accepted by the university of southern california quote all on her own. he said his daughter did it with
8:01 am
"no jail time," an apparent reference to the recent college admissions scandal involving wealthy parents. dr. dre is not linked to that scandal but critics pointed out the icon was part of $70 million go nation to usc in 2013. suggesting the donation helped his daughter's chances of getting in. he did not respond to our requests. >> "the washington post" reports the power ballotry jackpot is now an e $750 m the fourth largest in u.s. history. no one won the grand prize after saturday's drawing. the last time there was a winner was in december. the chances of winning, about one in 292 million. >> so you're saying there's a chance. >> yes, there's a chance. time for more. you've got to buy -- even if you don't play you've got to buy a ticket for that one. jordan peel's movie "us"
8:02 am
largest debut of all time. >> if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy. >> i know people who saw it, said it was good. i'm scared, trying to work up the everybonerve to go. well above the forecasted ticket sales. a kid who did ittal on his own. the 8-year-old homeless chess champion has a home, won the new york state chess championship for his age group. he and his family were living in a shelter after fleeing nigeria in 2017. tani only learned to play chess about a yerg, the gofundme drive raised more than $200,000. and a donor paid a year's rent on an apartment. >> just makes you smile, right? >> it does. >> great kid. protesters in pittsburgh are demanding justice after the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager, 17-year-old antwon rose jr. was shot three times as he ran away
8:03 am
during a traffic stop last summer. demonstrators marched in the streets over the weekend to protest the verdict. some believe that race was a factor in the shooting. >> an analysis of nearly 100 million traffic stops across the country found that black drivers are stopped more often than white drivers. also about twice as likely to be searched by police. jennifer ebber heart is one of the world's largest experts on unconscious racial bias, conducting training segments with police officers how bias influences behavior. her new book is called bias, uncovering the hidden prejudices that shape what we see, think and do. in it she explains how all of us are all as a rule vulnerable to racial bias. we all have it and we all do and we're afraid to admit it because we don't want people to think we are racist. >> that's right. typically when people think about bias they're thinking on the burning crosses, and people filled with hate. but you don't have to be a bigot
8:04 am
to have bias. bias is affecting all of us. you don't have to be a bad person. in fact, bias is not so much a stable trait, but it's something that can be triggered by the situations we find ourselves in. and some situations make us more vulnerable tobias, acting on that bias, than others. >> you tell a great story about your young son, who was a little boy of color. >> yes. >> that even he had racial bias at a young age on a plane. >> right. that's true. he was 5 years old. we were on the plane together. and he's looking around. he's all wide eyed, excited about being on the plane with mommy and he sees this guy and he says, hey, that like nothing
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